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Unlock the power of real-time connected vehicles data to build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods. Whether you are looking to better orchestrate mobility or increase the usage of your fleets, our algorithms will enhance your data and help you thrive.

Mobility intelligence for high impact and smoother operations

As cities grow denser and mobility complexifies, making better decisions faster is what sets great cities to live in or mobility services people want to use. Mobility providers, cities and other mobility practitioners use our platform daily to achieve their goals.


Seamlessly integrate, import, share and collaborate

Get up and running in a matter of minutes thanks to our turnkey solution or dive into our engineering hub and take advantage of our on-the-shelve algorithms, geo-features and predictive models. In a matter of minutes, we enable you to deploy a complex architecture, that is interoperable and and can support multidisciplinary teams.

End-to-end data privacy and security

We are the first privacy by design mobility intelligence solution. Get peace of mind with our strong security systems and trusted partners. We keep data compliance at its core.


Industries we serve

Cities & Governements

We empower cities with dynamic tools to make streets greener, safer, less congested, and more efficient.

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Mobility Providers

We increase the profitability of mobility operators through enhanced fleet intelligence and reporting capabilities.

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Public Transport

We help public transport operators develop the best multimodal transportation options for their communities.

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Automotive Manufacturers

We support OEMs in building safer vehicles for all road users thanks to actionable insights.

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Last-mile Delivery

We connect last-mile delivery companies to the local curb where they operate, helping them thrive in constraint spaces.

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Curb & Infrastructure

We enable curb and infrastructure managers to efficiently manage access to their assets thanks to a holistic view of demand.

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Join the global cohort of public and private sector partners using Vianova tools to make mobility safer and more sustainable

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