The leading solutions for mobility providers to thrive through the urban jungle and regulatory frameworks

Vianova provides hyper-local decision-making insights and a data-sharing platform to mobility operators in order to help them improve their operations' economics and city relationships.


Hyper-local mobility and operations insights customisable at will

Track and control your SLAs per location. Understand usage with powerful O/D matrix analysis and anticipate fleet rebalancing. Slice and dice mobility data in order to create your own analytics. Increase your revenues.

Benchmark insights
Match supply with demand
Prediction tools
Increase fleet utilization

Real-time fleet monitoring and management

Get instant access to all your devices' status. Verify in real-time your fleet compliance with city's regulations. Notify and collaborate with your ground ops team in order to resolve issues. Improve your relationship with the cities you are working with.

Powerful GIS software
Optimize new areas servicing
Improve parking compliance
See what the city sees

City data-sharing and geofenced regulations made easy

Manage data sharing and create specific city reports. Understand and visualize city regulations. Quickly and visually identify city mobility hubs for deployment. Optimize your fleets by creating your own rules, and reduce your operations costs.

Win more city tenders
Save integration costs
Bilateral communication
Standardised data reporting

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Open API
Open Source Technologies
GDPR compliant
+100 data agreements
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