Vianova joins CoMoUK as an associate partner

Vianova joins CoMoUK as an associate partner

We are thrilled to announce we recently joined the CoMoUK family ! Through this collaboration our goal is to help the UK further develop its shared mobility ecosystem and support the country’ authorities into promoting a greener environment.

A key player in UK’s transition towards collaborative mobility

CoMoUK is a charity that works hand in hand with mobility operators, local governments and other businesses in order to introduce better mobility hubs in the UK. It regularly engages with its +20 operator members, +50 local authorities, as well as regional and national governments across the UK. Its work can be defined in six distinct categories:

  • Research & Metrics
  • Guidance
  • Projects Development
  • Consultancy
  • Accreditation
  • Partnerships


Current E-Scooter Trial Locations in the UK

What does this mean for Vianova ?

Through its well-established network CoMoUK represents a strong partner for Vianova to keep growing its footprint and building trust with cities and mobility operators in the UK. You may wonder why is that? Joining CoMoUK’s family will of course come with some perks attached, as well as some responsibilities for Vianova. In addition to the possibility of being highlighted through certain publications (newsletter, blog posts) and events (webinars, conferences), Vianova intends above all to be involved in supporting the rapidly changing landscape of mobility in the UK. In particular, Vianova is committed to help cities and operators alike, providing access to safer, more sustainable and affordable means of transport, in order to entice people to leave their cars behind and reduce congestion and pollution.

The emergence of Mobility Hubs

In this regard, CoMoUK and Vianova complement each other marvellously, and are both committed to further the topic through regular research publication. In the past years, CoMoUK has released several papers on Mobility Hubs while Vianova published thoughtful Policy Guidelines on Shared Micro-Mobility and Practical Guide to Mobility Data Sharing.

About the importance of raising awareness


Raising people’s awareness on the urgent need for a change of transportation habits is a crucial milestone that each city needs to embrace in order to remain sustainable. Indeed, the emerging need for social distancing coupled with the increase in environmental concerns make it almost impossible for authorities to ignore this pressing issue: cities have to improve their infrastructures in order to be able to offer a safer, more efficient and sustainable transport system for all. Vianova is very much looking forward to develop more partnerships with potential stakeholders across the UK, therefore reaching a meaningful number of individuals and maximising our impact.


Vianova is a data platform that helps cities better integrate and manage shared, connected, electric and autonomous transport solutions in the urban space, enabling better use of city infrastructure, and promoting safer and more sustainable mobility.

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