Bonjour, from Vianova’s new Head of Policy & Partnerships!

Bonjour, from Vianova’s new Head of Policy & Partnerships!

I’d like to introduce myself- my name is Alex Pazuchanics, and I’m Vianova’s new Head of Policy & Partnerships. I’ll be working with our city partners to build solutions to meet their unique mobility management needs.

I’m passionate about the future of mobility and have had some tremendous opportunities to participate in the growth of the industry. I started at the City of Pittsburgh, leading the city’s application process to the US Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, which was ultimately a finalist for the grand prize. I later went on to help establish the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, where I led policy, planning, and permitting efforts. Pittsburgh is the epicenter of autonomous vehicle development, and I was involved in brokering the Pittsburgh Principles of AV development between the city and operators.

Most recently, I led a team at the Seattle Department of Transportation dedicated to providing low carbon transportation options to travelers and convincing them to use them. Seattle has the first and most successful dockless bikeshare programs in the US, and I managed the team that recently launched a scooter share program in the city to pair with it. Additionally, my team worked on a broad array of topics including electrification, goods delivery, mobility as a service, sustainable transport, and congestion reduction.


I’m excited to join Vianova and help cities manage the mobility challenges they face now, and get them ready for the major disruptions that are just around the corner. I’ve loved working in cities and am looking forward to working for them. I’m particularly excited to take on this role in 2021, with so many exciting trends to look forward to in Europe and around the world:

2020 Gave Cities the Green Light for Better Streets

The seismic disruptions to everyday life caused by the pandemic have had profound, and hopefully lasting effects on the way that we get around. From Paris’ “15 minute city” approach, to new cycling lanes popping up all over Europe, to new approaches to outdoor dining and the public realm, cities are poised to take back public right-of-way that has been ceded to vehicle storage and turn it over to new uses that improve the quality of life. I’m excited to join a team working on solving some of these challenges with Europe’s biggest cities.

Low Carbon Transportation is at a Critical Moment

With less than a decade to go until 2030, cities are recognizing that wholesale transformation of the transportation infrastructure will be necessary to meet 2030 goals. Shared and electric micro-mobility is likely to be a major component of that infrastructure, and better management of the system is crucial to ensure the biggest benefit. This year will likely see major commitments from cities across Europe to promote a more sustainable transport network.

“New Mobility” is Becoming Old Mobility

Despite significant concern at the beginning of the pandemic that shared micro-mobility would not survive, the industry has remained strong, and in some cases even better positioned. It is becoming clear that shared bikes and scooters are not a novel fad, but an increasingly critical part of the transportation network of major cities. There have been major investments in micro-mobility firms at the end of 2020 (not to mention Vianova’s own funding round), with several firms declaring profitable quarters in 2020. While long-term financial sustainability will still need to be demonstrated, continued innovation and improvement of the business model likely means that there is a path to a long term role for micro-mobility in the cities of the future. All the more reasons for cities and providers to work together on long-term relationships to share data, manage safe operations, and promote mobility access.


I’m happy to be aboard and looking forward to a transformational year for cities and the industry. Please reach out ( if you’d like to have a conversation about the future of mobility!